All Assets Are Not Visible


Administrators of a TeleScope installation may want access to be able to view, edit or delete ALL assets while users are scoped into specific collections through user & group permissions, as well as where clauses. Users can be assigned Administrator roles only if they are in the Administrator groups and have the requisite permissions added or else they will only see the count of assets and not the actual assets on Assets in TSWeb home.





Agents will need the following to connect to installations of OnDemand customers to perform any required actions.

  1. You'll need access to the RAM-PWState-Product-Northplains-Common-View group in PasswordState. Follow this document to request access.
  2. An active connection to the EUW VPN is required. Refer to this page on how to configure it. If you're having trouble configuring it, or the connection has stopped working, please raise a ticket on PLNP of Type: SaaS Request.


Steps To Fix

Users who want access to all operations on all assets need to be added to the Administrator's group. You should contact your TeleScope Administrator to be assigned to the Administrator's group if you believe you need those permissions.

Users of OnDemand installations can raise a support ticket in case their Administrator is unable to add them to the group due to any reason.


Agents should be able to log in as Administrators with credentials available in PasswordState for OnDemand customers and assign appropriate user permissions and group memberships to requesting users.




Once Administrator permissions are assigned to a user, they should be able to see all assets in the Assets view of their TeleScope home page.



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