QuickLinks Page Hangs on "The files are being prepared for download. This may take a moment, please wait…"


Certain versions of TeleScope before 2020.1 had a bug where when a user received QuickLink emails and logged in to download files, they would see a screen as shown below, sometimes accompanied with a 404 error, and the screen never updates and the file is not downloaded. This might be accompanied by this message in DLManager log files: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS,sss [ERROR] - DLManager:DirectAction.downloadAction()- ConnectionId is not specified in the direct action. ConnectionId is not specified in the direct action.




This was caused due to TeleScope not using the connectionId information being sent with the QuickLink URL. This can be verified by:

  1. Setting up the environment: Create the QuickLink download method. Ensure that SMTP configuration is complete and working. Make sure that TSWEB_LOGIN_PAGE is set in the Message Broker Registry, and that the target user has an email address added to their profile in TeleScope.
  2. Send the QuickLink email: Search for an asset that can be downloaded and add it to the download cart. Choose the QuickLink option from the download type selector, select the asset, and click on Go. Provide the email address of the target, and click on Send.
  3. Opening the QuickLink email: The target user's inbox should receive two emails, one with the QuickLink email and the other containing the passcode. Clicking on the QuickLink link, and entering the passcode should bring up the screen shown above and freeze while the DLManager logs the error also shared above.

Steps To Fix

This was fixed in Telescope Executive 2020.1. It is recommended to upgrade to this or a later version. If your TeleScope installation has customizations or you're an OnDemand customer, please contact your Account Manager or support for further assistance with upgrading.



After upgrading TeleScope, QuickLinks should allow authorized users identified by their email address and access key to download files without any issues.



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