"Caught FBException from File Broker: Failed to convert the file" in Distribution Broker Error Log


There was an issue with the execution of distribution contracts in an environment where a Distribution broker is configured with more than one File Brokers, with only the File broker(Xinet) on the main hub able to do conversions(JPG to TIFF). This might show up after upgrading or adding servers. The following error is logged in the error log file, distb.log:

MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS:ss 3144:22 [ERR] ConvRequest::Process(): [137865:1]
Error: Caught FBException from File Broker [<servername>]: Failed to convert the file



Root Cause

The Distribution broker fails if a distribution contract triggers that executes on metadata change and has to convert a JPG to TIFF before copying the converted file to a directory. This was because the Distribution broker would task the local broker for conversion if a distribution contract triggers and the contract would fail if the local broker didn't support the requested conversion.

Steps To Fix

This issue was fixed in Telescope Standard 2020.3 and it is recommended you upgrade to this version or later if you are facing this issue. If your TeleScope installation has customizations or you're an OnDemand customer, please contact your Account Manager or support for help with upgrading.



Once upgraded, execute the same contract once again in the same environment, by changing metadata of a JPG file and the Distribution broker will convert the file and then copy it to the destination directory configured in the distribution contract.



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