TeleScope Not Generating Previews/Thumbnails For SVG Files


If SVG support is not configured, TeleScope won't generate image thumbnails or previews for SVG files when uploaded. This can be a problem when locating the right assets while searching if the preview thumbnails are missing.





TeleScope Customer Environment Details - You should perform the below steps in the App instance.




Agents should ask for a few asset IDs and check on the customer installation and confirm that previews weren't generated.


When SVG support is not enabled, no SVG file should have previews, and all SVG uploads should be without a preview thumbnail. You should test with a few different SVG files since a few SVG files may fail on preview generation even if SVG support is enabled.

Steps To Fix

TeleScope's support for SVG isn't officially documented but it does generate previews for it through the ImageMagick I-Piece. Since this is not part of the official implementation, preview generation may fail for a few files intermittently.

OnDemand customers should raise a support ticket to have this configured for their installation, whereas On-premise customers can follow the steps listed below.

You can enable preview generation for SVG files through ImageMagick with the following steps:

  • Add svg to supported_keys in com.northplains.ipiece.imagemagick.xml in  (C:\Telescope\IPieces\config) for all connection_name keys.
  • Remove svg from supported_keys in com.northplains.ipiece.vizview.xml in  (C:\Telescope\IPieces\config) for all connection_name keys.
  • Restart Graphics Broker.
  • Select Assets > File > Check Files to re-generate the previews.



Once the above steps are performed, you should be able to see thumbnails for a majority of the uploaded SVG assets.



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