Proxy Previews Missing for New Uploads After Storage Change


When you change storages sometimes proxy previews would not be generated for any new video uploads. This doesn't affect proxy videos from older videos as they would still be visible and downloading content would also work. The Image Broker would still make image previews normally. FFMPEG never starts up to generate the previews.



The steps below can be followed by On-premise customers. OnDemand customers should raise a support ticket for assistance with this issue.



Access Guide to Customer Environments - You need to access the "App" instances.



Check gb.log file for an error message like this:

MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS ssss:1588 [ERR] CVideoIPieceImpl::initPreferences(): Configuration Validation Error: [Media Server Temporary Output Folder preference value does not correspond to a folder:

This indicates that an output directory shared by Transformation Platform Server and TeleScope Hub Server is either not present at the indicated path in the last line of the error message, or they don't have full access to it.

Steps To Fix

Create the directory at the path as hinted in the error message and make sure that Transformation Platform Server and TeleScope Hub Server have full access to it.



After creating the directory and assigning the permissions to the two servers, video proxy previews should be generated normally for new video uploads.



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