Changes to TSAdmin Not Reflecting in TSWeb


Changes to TSWeb through TSAdmin need restarting TSAdmin for the changes to take effect. If not done properly, you may notice issues like:

  • Allowed users being unable to create shared collections on TSWeb even though permission to Create Shared Collections is granted.
  • Changing authentication credentials has no effect on user accounts on TSWeb.
  • Adding new metadata fields doesn't take effect and fails with a similar error: Error: [Error returned from NPDirectActionCheckIngestStatus. Error: [(IB_ERRORS:The value [New Field] is not valid for the field [Format])]].



  1. Please make sure that you are making and validating changes in the same environment by paying careful attention to the URL in the browser address bar. This is especially important if you have multiple environments of TeleScope running, such as development, production, or even multiple TeleScope installations as separate asset management libraries. Development environments have the keyword dev in the domain name for both, TSAdmin & TSWeb.
  2. If the changes require a restart of TSAdmin, make sure you are restarting the same TSAdmin environment and installation you made the changes to.
  3. Remember to share the correct URL if other users are validating your changes.
  4. If you're raising a support ticket to implement any change, it is advisable to share the URL of the TSAdmin interface you made the change to in the ticket information to avoid any confusion.
  5. <supportagent>Agents should note if the URL shared and the rest of the ticket point towards the same environment and installation. If not, please raise this discrepancy with the customer and confirm before taking any action.</supportagent>



After the changes have been made and the affected TSAdmin app has been restarted, confirm that the changes you performed on TSAdmin have been communicated to the attached TSWeb instance. Notably, for the above-referenced cases:

  • Allowed users will be able to create shared collections on TSWeb if permission to Create Shared Collections is granted.
  • Changing authentication credentials such as passwords will update passwords for user accounts.
  • Assets with new metadata fields will be ingested without any issue if the corresponding field has been added to TSAdmin before uploading.



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