Unable to access TSAdmin


TSAdmin may sometimes be unavailable and a blank page may load with an error message displayed, No instance available as shown.noinstance.png

This article discusses how to resolve this issue.





  1. Information about the hosted environments of our customers is available on this page.
  2. Access credentials for the instances can be obtained by raising a Task(Type: Task) on the ACLTOPS page requesting access to NorthPlains Production AD.



  1. TSAdmin might have stopped, and you can check the status on WebObjects monitor.
  2. Check the server CPU load to check if it's nearing 100%. The server will be unable to render the HTML page if the server CPU load is nearing 100% due to other tasks it might be processing.
  3. Please check in the database if it is processing any long-running query that you issued which might reveal the cause of server CPU load shooting up, and consequently leading to TSAdmin not loading. Server CPU load can shoot up to 100% in some cases if you issue database commands directly to the database as they depend on the sizes of groups of users in TeleScope.


Log in to the appropriate instance depending on the customer and you can find out the server CPU load. If the load is at 100% then raise a ticket(escalation path on this page) of type Saas Request on the PLNP board to inquire about any long-running queries on the database. If the load is at normal levels then you only need to restart TSAdmin.

If the Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP) session is not connecting due to excessive load, raise a ticket of type Saas Request as described above. Alerts are set up for high load situations and they might have more information as the alerts trigger.


Steps to Fix

If there are no queries or the server load is normal, then restart TSAdmin, or else follow the below steps before restarting TSAdmin.

  1. Evaluate if it is safe to kill the queries, or ask whoever issued the commands to help with the evaluation.
  2. Kill the long-running queries on the database if it's safe to do that and wait for any rollback operations to finish.
  3. In case it isn't safe to kill the queries, wait till the queries finish while checking periodically.


  1. Share information with the customer about the kind of query that is running and check with the customer if it's safe to kill the query.
  2. If you get approval in the above step, create a ticket of type Saas Request on PLNP as described above on this page to request to kill the long-running queries.
  3. If the customer denies, then inquire from SaaS if they have an alert for when the load drops and use it to inform the customer when they should try accessing TSAdmin again. If there is no such alert then keep checking periodically and inform the customer when the load drops.




Load the TSAdmin page and it should load normally.



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