Video File Previews Not Generated


The Graphics Broker in some versions of Telescope was unable to generate previews for some video files and recorded the following error in the gb.log file(shown here for MXF & MOOV file types):

DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS 6556:1992 [DEBUG] CDigitalPhotographyPieceImpl::IsSupportedFile(): filetype [mxf] not supported


DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS 9664:1128 [DEBUG] GraphicsBrokerImp::GBFileSupported(): in_szFileName[MOOV] is not supported by this Graphics Broker

This article discusses the cause of this bug and how to resolve it.



Root Cause

This bug was due to Graphics Broker expecting a video file with only one stream of data, namely the video. Graphics Broker would fail because it would be unable to select the correct encoder for each stream in a file with multiple streams, such as a video file with video, audio, and subtitles streams. This situation would also happen if the video wasn't the first stream in the set of streams available in the video file which is where TeleScope expected it.

Steps To Fix

This issue was fixed in TeleScope Executive 2020.1 so it is recommended to upgrade your TeleScope installation to this version or later. A list of available versions is provided here.

If you're an OnDemand customer or your TeleScope installation has customizations, please contact your Account Manager or the support team to assist you with the upgrade.



After upgrading, you can refresh the previews of the files that do not have their previews generated by clicking Assets > File > Check Files ...


Please check that the previews have now been generated.




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