Unable to Ingest File Without Migrating


If there is no File Migration Policy defined under migration policies, TeleScope still does migrate files to a dynamically created location(in a default path) from their original location where it was when the file was marked for upload. This is expected behavior and has been around since TeleScope version 9.2.



In a typical ingest process, after the Ingest Broker receives all metadata from the Graphics Broker, it evaluates the file migration policy, calls the File Broker to migrate the files to their final locations, and updates the file locations in the database. If no File Migration Policy is configured, it might stand to reason that the file shouldn't migrate and stay in its original location while TeleScope records its local filesystem path in the database.

A consequence of this will be that files ingested with no migration policies will not be available to remote users because they were never migrated out of their original locations on user's desktops. As such, support for this behavior was discontinued.

This behavior was changed in TeleScope 9.2. Versions after this get their broker and share location from the DB_SETTINGS table rather than the FM_POLICIES table if no migration policy is defined. The base directory is always the root of the share.




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