Uploads Failing With "Failed to initialize file broker" & Downloads Failing With "File is not available to download"


If you have the Xinet broker configured in your TeleScope installation to connect with a Xinet Digital Asset Management(DAM) system that you are using, upload or download operations may fail if the Xinet broker is not running.

The Xinet broker component is used to integrate Xinet storage with Telescope. The broker is installed on a Linux-based system and enables using the system as storage for assets.



OnDemand customers should raise a support ticket for further assistance with this issue.


Agents should create a ticket on PLNP of Type: SaaS Incident and Priority: Showstopper to request a broker restart for OnDemand customers.


Once you log in to the Linux machine running the Xinet broker, it can be started with the following command: /usr/etc/NPS/bin/xbctl start

Please raise a support ticket if this issue is occurring repeatedly for your installation.


PLNP-18551 is an earlier ticket raised for a similar issue and provides an RCA and some resolutions for this problem. One of them was to implement an auto-restart script for the Xinet broker in the Linux environment as is implemented for Windows brokers. Agents should create a ticket on PLNP of Type: SaaS Request to see if a similar script can be configured for the customer on the OnDemand or On-premise environment. This might need assistance from Professional Services and the Account Manager for the customer.




Once the Xinet broker is started, please attempt an upload or download operation and it should go to completion.



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