API Access for TeleScope


TeleScope offers a SOAP API included as part of the TSWeb web application and the interface is called the Integration Broker. This would be desirable for integrating Telescope with third-party software. The last significant update to the SOAP API was delivered with TeleScope There have been changes to it since, such as SOAP methods for CheckIn and CheckOut have updated signatures.



The Integration Broker SDK Manual describes its deployment steps, lists the API methods by category, and the various error codes used. The document containing the last update to the API can be downloaded from the NorthPlains portal.

Note that you will need valid credentials to access the NorthPlains portal. If you are a customer and can't access the portal, need credentials, or can't access the mentioned files please raise a support ticket mentioning the login credentials you are using or would like to use.


If agents receive a request related to accessing the portal, they should create an issue on PLNP of Type: SaaS Request mentioning the email address for which the client wants to access, and the product name which in this case is Telescope.




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