PDF Does Not Match the Preview of the INDD File


When importing the INDD and PDF versions of the same file into TeleScope, it might be the case that their previews won't match. The PDF file has an incorrect rendition whereas the INDD file has the correct preview. This happens if Aspose isn't installed or is not the configured I-Piece for PDF files.





TeleScope Customer Environment Details - You should perform the below steps in the App instance.


Steps To Fix

While the steps below can be followed through by On-premise customers, OnDemand customers should write to support if they are facing this issue and desire to have it corrected.

It is recommended to use the Aspose I-Piece for PDFs over the Document I-Piece. For a PDF file, the Aspose I-Piece generates thumbnails, multi-page Component Object View(COV) previews, and per-page text links on multiple preview pages. The steps to configure Aspose for PDF files are:

  1. Open <TeleScope Install Directory>\IPieces\config\com.northplains.ipiece.document.xml, go to name="supported_types", and remove pdf if it is listed as one of the types.
  2. Open <TeleScope Install Directory>\IPieces\config\com.northplains.ipiece.aspose.xml, go to name="enabled_types", and make sure pdf is listed as one of the types.

Please raise a support ticket if you have difficulty with the above steps.



Once the correct I-Piece is configured, upload INDD and PDF versions of the same file and both will have the same previews.



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