"Not Specified" Mentioned Twice For Some Metadata Fields in Facet Search


It has been observed that some metadata fields in Facet Search(click Assets after logging in to TeleScope Web) show Not Specified 2 times and allow selecting them. Although both the options show a number of results next to them, the first option when clicked shows as many results, the duplicate option shows 0 results. This can be the case for more than one metadata field.


Instead of 2, there should only be 1 Not Specified for assets with null values in those fields.



There was a bug with how indexing null fields and their dependent fields were configured in TeleScope, which was fixed in TeleScope Standard 2020.5. If you're facing this issue, it is recommended you upgrade to the mentioned or later version. If your TeleScope installation has customizations or you're an OnDemand customer, please contact your Account Manager or support for help with this.



Once your TeleScope installation is updated, click on Assets in TeleScope Web and the affected metadata fields should have only one Not Specified option now.



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