Unable to Delete Or Move Files


There might be cases whereby when you move(transfer) a file from one directory to another, the file is moved to the new location, but the file is not deleted from its previous location and neither is its location updated in the database. An error message is displayed upon clicking the "!" icon next to the move process that says: Failed to delete original file <filename>.


This article discusses a fix for this problem.



This happens if:

  1. You're using Xinet Broker of version lesser than 9.5.
  2. The BINDING_NAME environment variable is set to some value but Graphics Broker & File Broker are on different servers.

This issue has been fixed in TeleScope Standard 2020.5. It is recommended to upgrade to this or a later version. If your TeleScope installation has customizations or you're an OnDemand customer, please contact your Account Manager or support for further assistance with the upgrade, or if you want a temporary fix till you upgrade.


If a customer, OnDemand or On-premise, requests a workaround, please follow these steps:

  1. Replace the Xinet broker binary with the 9.5 version or higher.
  2. Unset the BINDING_NAME environment variable.




After upgrading, try moving files to a different location and check that the file from the previous location has been deleted and has been moved to the new location. Additionally, check that the path in the database is also updated to the new location by clicking on Info after right-clicking on the file in TeleScope.



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