PING Error When Logging In To TeleScope DAM


Users with SSO configured for them while authenticating may see the following error message served by PingIdentity:

System Error
Sorry, an unexpected error condition has occurred. Please contact your system administrator
for assistance and provide the following reference number to help locate additional
information about this problem in the system log files.
Error Reference: <error code>

This article describes a fix for this problem.




PING is a third-party SSO provider that can be integrated with TeleScope to authenticate users.

  1. Check to see that users who don't have SSO configured for them can authenticate to TeleScope without similar errors.
  2. All SSO users should receive an error as

If the answers to the above questions are Yes, then the problem may lie with the SSO provider, Ping.

Steps To Fix

Please contact Ping and see if the license you are using is still valid and update it if required to a permanent license. Please raise a support ticket if you need any technical assistance to configure the new license or if your issue is still unresolved. 



Once the license is validated and updated if needed, try authenticating with a user for whom SSO is configured and you will be able to log in normally.



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