Firefox Freezing Up While Sharing Collection


In TeleScope versions prior to Executive 2020.1, Firefox would freeze up when sharing a collection via My Collections > Click on i button for a collection > Edit Sharing > Select User(s) > Ok. This problem exists for Firefox(confirmed till version 82, as well as on Quantum) on Windows and Mac OS but Chrome works fine for the same operation on both OS. This article discusses what causes this issue and a fix for this issue.



Root Cause

This was a bug in TeleScope versions prior to Executive 2020.1 and was due to the wrong data type of checkbox selection values for the Collection Visibility dialog being passed from server to javascript array. These values were being passed as strings but processed as booleans which were slowing down Firefox because it was interpreting all string values marked "false" as the boolean True which resulted in all users being marked selected and sent to the server for processing. Chrome handles this data type conversion in a different way which results in Chrome being able to perform the same operation in a few seconds. 

Steps To Fix

This issue was fixed in TeleScope Executive 2020.1 and it is recommended to please upgrade your TeleScope version to this or later to fix this issue. If your TeleScope installation has customizations or you're an OnDemand customer, please contact your Account Manager or support for help with upgrading.



After upgrading TeleScope, log in to it in Firefox and try to share a collection with another user via My Collections > Click on i button for a collection > Edit Sharing > Select User(s) > Ok. After clicking Ok the operation should finish in a few seconds in Firefox.



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