Transformation Platform Freezing Up


The Transformation Platform on TeleScope versions prior to 2020.4 can sometimes freeze trying to process jobs, even after restarting as it tries to process leftover jobs from previous runs. An error log entry similar to this is recorded in the log files:

ERROR - Exception thrown when uploading files
vyre.marchena.engine.transport.FileSystemTransporterImpl$FileTransportException: java.lang.NullPointerException

This article discusses a solution to overcome this problem.



It is recommended to update TeleScope to 2020.4 or above to fix this issue. The fix is addressed in the Release Notes of 2020.4 available on this page. There is no workaround available currently for affected versions and an upgrade is recommended.



After an upgrade, restart the Transformation Platform from the Services panel. Right-click on NPS Transformation Platform and click Start as shown below.


It should start and continue processing without freezing up or crashing.




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