New Assets Not Appearing in the Assets Page


The newly added assets are not visible on the Assets page, even though they appear in the New Assets section of the Home page. Clicking on one of the assets in the New Assets section on the Home page shows the detail with the new asset number, even though this asset is not visible in a search.



If you're an OnDemand customer or if this is a recurring issue for you(OnDemand or On-premise), please raise a ticket with support for help with this issue.

If you're an On-premise customer, please try the steps below and find out if it resolves the issue.


Telescope 9.2.2+



  1. You can get the environment details of the customer from the article Telescope On-Demand Customer Environment Details.
  2. Write access to PLNP. You can request that by creating a ticket at IT Ops and request to be added to these 2 AD groups: PLNP, RAM-Jira-Central-PLNP-Dev



Steps to Fix

  1. Stop the NPS Child Indexing broker.childstop.png
  2. Stop the NPS Indexing broker.masterstop.png
  3. Start the NPS Indexing broker.masterstart.png
  4. Start the NPS Child Indexing broker.childstart.png


While the above steps will resolve the issue, create a JIRA ticket on PLNP of type Saas Incident and Priority as High if this is a recurring issue for any customer. Collect any asset IDs from the customer that are not visible in the Assets section. PLNP-29927 is an example of a similar issue.

In the JIRA ticket, check if ...

  1. ... an updated version of TeleScope is available that addresses this issue, and ask the Account Manager to contact the customer recommending the version number to install.
  2. ... a script can be configured by the PS team to monitor the status of the brokers at least daily, and restart them if found stopped in case an updated version of TeleScope addressing this problem is not available.


Additional Steps

If Solr is having performance issues and assets are still not showing on the Assets page, then please raise a support ticket.


For customers with issues in their Solr installation:

  1. Do a full rebuild for the Solr index using the guide: How to do a Full Rebuild of a Solr Index for Telescope Search? Remember to ask the customer for a downtime window when you can do the full re-index.
  2. Solr may not re-index all assets in the above step due to performance issues. You may need to do a partial index build for the rest of the assets. You can follow the steps in the Administrator's Manual in SQL Statements to Run if the Indexing is Incomplete under section 15.6.4 Solr Reindexing Alternatives.




Check to see that all newly uploaded assets are available on the Assets page in TeleScope Web Home.



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