Difference In Search Results On Web And Database


Sometimes Telescope may display a different count of results in Advanced Search than from the database. This is due to a gap in data available in the database and the indexes in Solr. If you're an OnDemand customer, please raise a support ticket for assistance with this issue.



On-premise customers can follow the Solr reindexing steps mentioned in the Release Notes (pg 39) to fix this issue.


For OnDemand customers, agents should create a ticket on PLNP of Type: SaaS Request and Priority: High to request a whole Solr index re-build mentioning the name of the customer. Remember to collect downtime windows from the customer if the SaaS team needs so.




After the re-indexing operation is complete, you can check to see that the number of results returned in Advanced Search for a query is the same as it is in the database.




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