Uploading PSB Files Doesn't Generate Thumbnails


Files uploaded to Telescope are processed by I-Pieces to generate thumbnails, and if a media file is not generating thumbnails once ingested in Telescope then it might be the case that no I-Piece is configured for it. Other symptoms would be the upload progress dropping to 0%, or the uploaded file not being downloadable.



I-Pieces licenses need to be set in the appropriate license pool and the Graphics Broker will generate previews using only the I-Pieces which are licensed. PSB files are handled by the VizView or ImageMagick I-Piece, and one of them needs to be configured and added to a license pool for Telescope to be able to assign correct thumbnails to PSB files.

To enable thumbnails for PSB files:

  1. Make sure the psb extension is added to either com.northplains.ipiece.imagemagick.xml or com.northplains.ipiece.vizview.xml.
  2. The I-Piece configuration you have edited in the earlier step needs to be added to a license pool and the steps for adding an I-Piece to a license pool are mentioned in this KB article.



Once the I-Piece has been configured and added to a license pool, PSB files uploaded after this will have their preview correctly generated. Preview for PSB files uploaded earlier can be generated by clicking on File > Check Files.



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