Unable to Generate Video Proxies With Xinet FIle Broker


In environments with a Xinet File Broker configured, some versions of Telescope would fail to display a video proxy preview on the Telescope interface of uploaded video assets. This might be accompanied with an error message in gb.log as Failed to unlink file Local[c:\temp\ABC_dl_tmpfile313190.mov] errno[13] strError[error 32: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.



Although the proxy file is generated and is available in the Xinet storage, the Graphics Broker is unable to create the appropriate rendition record in the database for the file. Graphics broker is also not able to delete the file in the temporary location. So, it does not continue to create and insert the database record for proxy rendition.

This issue was fixed with Telescope Executive 2020.2It is recommended to upgrade to this or a later version. If your Telescope installation has customizations or you're an OnDemand customer, please contact your Account Manager or support for further assistance with upgrading.



Once Telescope is upgraded, video proxy previews should be correctly generated and attached in environments with Xinet File Broker configured.




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