Uploads Through TSUploader Stuck at 0%


When uploading assets through TSUploader, the progress bar reports the status of the upload, but sometimes it may remain stuck at 0% and not move even if left to itself for a long time. This might be accompanied by the following error message in TSWeb error logs: [WARNING] [ShowMessage] error 112: There is not enough space on the disk. OnDemand customers should raise a support ticket for assistance with this issue.



As the error message makes it evident, this is due to no disk space left for Telescope to use, and this can be resolved by either increasing the disk space allotted or clearing up the contents on the disk.


As this is a Sev-1 incident according to the Sev-1 KB article for Telescope, agents should handle it according to the steps provided in the article depending on the type of customer.




Once the disk size has been increased, TSUploader should function normally and upload assets as expected.



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